September 5, 2017


There are various reasons why you should replace your windows. The reasons can range from the window being recently broken to becoming old and drafty resulting in the need for new windows. Window replacement is relatively simple, and at Red Rock, we are happy to discuss your options.

• The Cost Of The Windows

Cost should be taken into account, but we have always been an affordable option due to our lower overhead and longstanding relationships with our vendors. Dual-paned windows retain more heat and air conditioning inside your home than single-paned windows, but we can always find a great compromise for your budget.

• The Durability Of The Windows

What you may not realize is, the solid wood products sold today are not as effective as the wooden products from fifty years ago. This is primarily because lumber today is farmed more quickly compared to being grown slowly in a natural environment. Many current products like Aluminum are considered the most beneficial choice. Not only is aluminum one of the more affordable choices, but an aluminum skin or cladding on the exterior of the windows contribute to greater durability. The finishing is often factory painted in the color of your choice and offers a guarantee of at least fifteen years without wearing.

• Aesthetics Are Essential

Research has shown that homeowners will receive approximately 73% of their window replacement investment when selling the property. Of course, if the incorrect windows are chosen during the replacement process the level of investment can be reduced dramatically. It is important to consider the aesthetics of the windows and match the windows to the property accurately.


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We are still meeting with homeowners and adhere to the CDC Guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and customers. We hope you are staying safe and look forward to working with you.

Our company would like to offer our customers a no contact option for quotes on new windows and doors. In order to do so please:

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