September 5, 2017

Door Componants

Not all door components are the built the same! These days doors are made from fiberglass, wood, a composite of both, or steel.

Fiberglass Doors

Wood Doors

5 vertical glass panel door



Wood doors since before most people can remember. Just because they are old does not mean they are obsolete or non-existent. We have manufacturers that produce 100% wood doors to meet your needs.





Composite Doors

4 glass panel craftsman door


Composite doors are a mixture of both wood and fiberglass. They have the same wood grain feel to suit any style. A common wood such as mahogany is used on the door to reinforce the over all strength of the door while adding a special touch to the doors elegance and design.


Steel Doors

4 panel glass door with silver and grey



Steel doors are not just for security anymore. They can enhance any space while adding stronger elements to the doors over all structure. Ask us about our steel doors.






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